Kashmir Baby Cloth Diaper Warranty Information:
Our cloth baby diapers have the very best warranty in the cloth diaper industry! We want you to have both trust and confidence in your purchase. 
Our warranty covers:
-snap defects-lifetime. Snap defects will be repaired anytime they fall off or they do not connect. 
-PUL (waterproof layer) defects- lifetime  PUL defects are covered when de-lamination occurs. De-lamination occurs when the waterproof layer separates and peels away from the cloth layer. Bleaching, chemicals, and excessively high heat times can ruin the PUL and will not be covered.
-Sewing/ Craftsmanship defects- 1 year  This covers a diaper that is falling apart at the seams and is un-usable.    
  -Warranty is void if diaper is stained or ripped.
If you have any defects covered by our warranty, please follow the Contact Us link on our webpage. Then, call and/ or email us with your concern. We would prefer to hear from you, since we personally want to hear and resolve any issues. Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority. Then, we will have you send your defective product(s) to us by mail. Include your proof of purchase or gift receipt. If the defects are covered by our warranty, we will repair or replace the diaper, reimburse you for your shipping costs, and mail your product(s) back to you.

Laundering Instructions:
Washing Instructions:
For Diaper: 
Wash on warm. Temperature ≤130˚F. No bleach,laundry additives, or fabric softeners. Use an extra rinse cycle. Dry Low heat ≤115˚F. To maintain the ultra cuddle softness of organic bamboo and hemp fabrics it is best to dry on low or medium heat. Prevent over-drying. Air drying is also ok.
For insert:
Wash warm. To maintain the ultra cuddle softness of organic bamboo and hemp fabrics it is best to dry on low or medium heat. No
fabric softeners or laundry additives. Dry warm or hot.

PREWASH DIAPERS & INSERTS 4-5 times to achieve maximum absorbency prior to very 1st USE!!
Washing Instructions for cloth wipes: 
Wash on Warm or Hot. Avoid fabric softeners. 

Return Information: We will accept returns for a full refund for up to 90 days with a receipt or gift receipt if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. 
Product(s) can be returned if unused and in their original packaging. Please follow the Contact Us link on our webpage and call and/ or email us for a return.